Fiber First

Ingredients matter. It’s pretty straightforward. The only way to create a sustainable clothing industry is to begin with a sustainable fiber. Or as we like to say: fiber first.

Fiber is the foundation of every fabric, which is the foundation of every piece of clothing, which is the foundation of the entire apparel industry. Choosing a fiber is the first decision in the long road toward creating something worthwhile. Whether the goal is as simple as functional and fashionable clothes, or as audacious as trying to shape a socially and environmentally responsible marketplace, it all begins with fiber.

What does that mean for your experience with Twizel?

Our first fiber choice is Merino wool, we ensure that the wool comes from sheep raised to the highest standards of animal husbandry, environmental stewardship, and social welfare. All of the cotton you find on Twizel is made from organic cotton. We stay away from petroleum based fibers and are always in search of new smarter fibers.

Don’t worry. Just because our environmental and social ethos happen to begin with fiber, it doesn’t mean they end there. It’s simply the starting point on a long road toward making clothes to love and to feel good about.

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