Conceived in a Hut


THE DREAMLINER... Conceived in a Hut

Several years ago I (John Fernsell) was traveling in New Zealand visiting some of the finest merino wool growers in the world.  I took two of Ibex’s best retailers with me to give them an understanding and appreciation of where our fabrics begin their journey to becoming a finished garment.  It is not an overstatement to say that most sheep growers are a very interesting group of people.  We spent one night in a mustering hut on Stonehenge sheep station. Herders would spend the night there on those occasions when the sheep were brought in for care or shearing.   We had a great meal cooked on the wood stove. The sheep Station owner held court and poured what I recall was a lot of rum. 
We laughed until it hurt.

I do not remember the hour but it was very late and the sheep station owner returned home to watch his son play rugby.  The All Blacks were in Europe and I am sure he watches 100% of their games.  We located our bunks that had a thin pad and each one had a fine merino lightweight sleeve folded at the bottom of the bunk.  I recall climbing into the sleeve and being amazingly comfortable.  During the night the stove went out and I was sure the temperature fell 20 – 25 degrees in the hut.  I was astounded by how comfortable I was.  I expected to be in a cold clammy nylon sleeping bag, going from sweaty to cold.  At the time, I thought this merino sleeve could single handedly be the best travel companion I could have. 

When I returned back to the States, I was convinced that we should make something similar.  So, at Ibex, we made similar sleeves from left over fabric from our garment making. 

We love the product so much that we have made it a staple in our Twizel line. We make and dye fabric specifically for the Dreamliner.  Our initial offering is 17.5 micron, incredibly soft and luxurious. 

I may have been a little warmed by the rum that night in the hut but since then I have no question that you will absolutely love it like I do.

John Fernsell, Founder



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